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Published: 16th April 2010
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This time I will review FatCow Hosting.

General Fatcow information

Recently, the web hosting company has a good sounding name among cheap hosting providers for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals.

My review
FatCow has its pros and cons. Generally speaking, I think FatCow hosting is a great webhosting company. Additionally, you should know that the simplicity of the structure at homepage of Fatcow is remarkably solid. This web host offers compact info likewise easy and to the point hosting service. In my opinion this kind of approach is extremely handy for the technologically deprived site owners and novices.

Look at this prices:

FatCow $3.67
Inmotion $5.95
GreenGeeks $6.95

I gathered below the pros and cons of thehosting plans.

What are the advantages of FatCow webhosting?

Superb cheap hosting service - one of the better hosting services at a low cost like this.

Trustworthy servers with little errors.
Unlimited hosting capacity - host all your websites and your blogs in one account.

Clear test and return policy , customers will get up to 30 day of trial run period.

What is bad using FatCow Hosting?

A web hosting service is way of Internet hosting service that provides individuals and organizations to make their own internet site visible via the Internet. Hosting providers are companies that offer space on a server they have or lease for use by their clients and offering Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Hosting providers can also provide data center storage and connection to the web for servers they do not have to be placed in their data center, called colocation.

Doesn't offer various quality of hosting - those who want to change to semi-dedicated or dedicated hosting might be inclined to change hosting provider.

Conclusion: Does FatCow provide a good service?
FatCow hosting is good for customers that are want to find low-cost but yet trustworthy hosting service. FatCow is around for a long time (more than 10 years!) , and because of this I am sure that they have one of the top low-cost web hosts. Even So, thanks to restraints of its business model (restricted MySQL and limited options), I in my opinion FatCow may not be fitting for large business site.

$50 Google AdWords credit
$25 Yahoo! Search credit

Uptime Review

I host a ecommerce site with FatCow and watching the site uptime always. In my opinion this kind of high performance is really acceptable for the low price range and I suggest to use their hosting services to everybody who is need to find a low budget web hosting provider.

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