GreenGeeks Pros and Cons

Published: 21st May 2010
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GreenGeeks Pluses and Minuses

Here is my GreenGeeks Review.

GreenGeeks is a comparatively newly founded web hosting company, and already has grown into a very successful green hosting company. The great success of GreenGeeks is primarily due to its higher quality and ever optimized service, together with the honest utilization of carbon neutral energy. This is not surprising for me in the least, and if you read my review, you will have a pretty good idea why.

GreenGeeks Plan Price
12 months plan $5.95/mo
24 months plan $4.95/mo

What are the advantages of GreenGeeks?

Superior top-notch eco-friendly hosting

This service is suitable for smaller insitutions and individuals likewise. GreenGeeks offers the top-quality service to make sure, that the quality of webhosting is high.
GreenGeeks - similarly to most of the big web hosting companies - provides its customers a complete webhosting service, giving you every necessary tool and features, like one-click installations based on Fantastico, and unlimited resources (traffic, hdd).

Hosting Features
Disk Space: UnlimitedMonthly Bandwidth: UnlimitedAddon Domain: UnlimitedCGI-BIN: YesSSI: YesFrontpage Extensions: Yes
300% Eco-friendly Web Hosting
Seeing this at the first time, my gutt reaction was like what's this 300% nonsense? Reminded me to a huge marketing plot.
How is this possible? Well, Green Geeks substitutes the energy use of the computers with 3 times as much eco-friendly wind energy. If you want a little more proof, than seen in the advertisments, look at GreenGeeks' green energy certificates. If you look at it, there is nothing to further explain,, I am converted.
Because of this, there's little doubt Green Geeks is probably the most eco-friendly hosting provider on the planet.

Quality hosting with daily data-savings

Another thing I like about Green Geeks is the reliablility I getfrom them. Based on the info published on their site, GreenGeeks' technological background is built on Intel Dual Quad Core servers. Plus they do day-to-day backups.
This is really good, as I don't have to think abou my blog.
What are the disadvantages of Green Geeks?

Being New - they don't have a lot of business experience.

As I see, the one problem at GreenGeeks is the age of the company. GreenGeeks is really young, so I feel there are likely small issueproblems with the service as they make it better and better.

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